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*How To Guides*

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*How To Guides*
FAQ Guides

How do I post a message?  
On the Members tab- you may find a section titled "Write Something on My Wall" to post a comment, simply type in a message and select Post as shown below: 

To view your post, you may need to hit your F5 key or Refresh on your internet browser. As the creator of any comment or post, you can delete at any time after they have been submitted.


How do I change my e-mail, user name, password or other settings?  
Under the My Page tab is where all of your user information can be changed, see picture below:

Do I sign in with my User Name?
No, in the Groups site you sign in with your e-mail account.  You can also set your settings toRemember You for faster login and access.

How do I upload a photo?
Under the Photo tab, select Upload Photo as shown below:

Then select Browse to locate the picture(s) on your computer.  We are working on setting up a Flickr Group account which will enhance the photo sharing and uploading capabilities.


How do I insert a link? 
On the Links tab- select Add Link- Provide a description of the link. In the http: area you can either type the correct information or copy this directly from the open website and paste in the http: section.  Remember if you copy the link in an open browser, then make sure you are not placing a double http by not delete the default http in this field or the link will not open correctly.

How do I add an event to the Group Calendar?

On the Calendar tab select Add Event. You will then be prompted to provide the event information.  To see dates on a calendar to select, click your cursor on the blank line under the Start Time as shown below:

How can I open an external tab without leaving the Group page?
If you want to keep the Group open for an external tab, place your cursor on the external tab example as shown below:

Then, before selecting, Right Click and choose to Open in New Tab as shown below:

Now the Group will be displayed on one tab and the External will be displayed on another and you can easily navigate between the two.


How do I use the Chat Function?

Schedule a time to Chat with other members, this can be completed by using the Calendar, sending a Private Message, Posting on your Wall, posting in a Sub-Group, just to name a few.

When you notice other members on-line, select the Chat On/Off at the top of the Group page next to your e-mail address as shown below:

Once this is selected you will see a pop-up screen listing on-line members, similar to below:


Simply begin typing in the empty text box at the bottom of the Chat pop-up as shown below:


Then press Enter and your message will appear similar to the next screenshot:


How can I create a Group of my own?

Select My Page from your current Grou.ps, then find the My Groups link similar to below:

You should see a link as shown below:


Follow the guidelines to create your own group.  Once this is completed you will NOT be required to login to each of your grou.ps separately but instead, be able to access ALL of your Grou.ps (created and joined through your My Page and by selecting the My Groups link.


Selecting Category and Sending Message to the E-mail Group
Once you have typed in your message decide if the topic should be placed in a category that has been created by the Group Admin and if you want the message to be sent to all the members of the group. Below is a screenshot of the location of the Catgory dropdown and the e-mail group checkbox.

How do I Post a Message for Discussion?

ON the Discussion Tab you can begin by reviewing the previous topics and comments.  You can search by Title, words in a Text and/or by Author as shown below:

You can add to a discussion by selecting a Category as shown below:

Once you have identified a category to comment, begin typing your message in the appropriate field and select to Send an e-mail copy to the Group or simply to post as marked below:

How Can I Create a New Discussion Topic?

Search the Discussion for an appropriate section to add your topic, then select Post Message as shown below:

Then begin by adding the title of your new topic followed by deciding on sending the new topic in an e-mail to the Group. 


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