Pornography Addiction: Teens

Teenagers Addicted To Pornography

As the internet becomes more popular, especially among youth, parents are faced with a completely new set of challenges. Pornography, once available in only select locations, is now easily accessible to anyone who has means to a computer or even a mobile device.

Although parents have options to protect their kids from online pornography, it's not fool-proof. Blake is one of those teenagers who found a way around the cyber gateways and into an addiction to porn.




I am a teenager and I am addicted to pornography


It takes over your life. It’s something that’s easy to get into and almost impossible to get out of. It’s something that, if you’re not careful, can come to define you and your worldview and the way you see life. Books upon books have been written about it, all filled with stories of how marriages were ruined and lives destroyed from the submission to it. Once it’s gotten a hold of you, it’s life consuming. Read



My teenage son is addicted to porn: What I know now.

We first found out about Blake’s predilection for pornography when a string of unusual charges began showing up on our phone bill and in our mailbox. This was back in the days of dial-up internet, when these types of sites could find you through the address listed on the phone line used for accessing the web... More


Web Master: There's Nothing Parents Can Do to Stop Internet Porn

by Diana Keough

Are Kids Addicted to Web Porn?

by Diana Keough






Pornography: A Teenager's Addiction

A teenager comes forward to admit that he is addicted to pornography and seeks ways to help control the battle.  Watch


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Sex Talk Online
Pornography More Pervasive


Have you discovered your teenager viewing internet porn sites? If so, how did you handle the situation? Do you think it’s just a part of teen hormones or do you consider it a serious problem? Discuss

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