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What will I find on ShareWIK.com?


ShareWIK literally means "Share What I Know."

ShareWIK.com provides personal and intimate accounts of situations, conditions and experiences. We are a community, a safe place where you can be real, ask questions and share what you’ve learned. And learn from others.

Members of our site will benefit from patient experiences and the wisdom of others in blogs, vblogs and from our panel of female physicians and experts who will give you straight answers and make complex health topics easy to understand.

Everything on ShareWIK.com is grounded in solid medical research and scientific data but they exhibit a personal, experiential approach to storytelling.

We’ll talk about what’s important to you, your men, your families and your aging parents so you never have to feel alone when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, when you’re waiting up all night for a teenager to come home or when you find out your father had a stroke.

A particular treatment didn’t work, or you experienced particular side effects? A surgery hurt like heck or a procedure you tried wasn’t all that it’s touted to be? Depression, anxiety, addiction stealing a family member’s life? Your husband no longer interested in sex? Caring for an aging parent is exhausting, challenging, heartbreaking? What did you do? How did you handle it? Are there resources you discovered that may help someone else? Others will want to know details, details and more details. The good, the bad, the nitty-gritty.

You can rely on our site to learn that if I had to do it all over again, this is “What I Know Now.” A part heads-up, part how-to, part girlfriend-to-girlfriend warning of what you can expect, in a coffeehouse-like setting.

Who is ShareWIK.com for?


ShareWIK.com is designed to target the person who makes most of every family’s medical decisions: women between the ages of 30 and 60.


ShareWIK.com wants to equip women as they address their own medical and health concerns, as well as the issues facing the men in their lives, children and aging parents.


How is ShareWIK.com different from other health-related web sites out there?

There are a lot of great medical sites offering information on symptoms, diagnoses and treatments. We’re not competing with those sites but supplementing the information they offer by providing unique patient experiences told from a “What I Know Now” perspective. We’ll tell you what your doctor may have missed or couldn’t cover in your 10-minute appointment and we’ll discuss what you may have been too embarrassed to ask.


We’ll be talking about life in the way all women do with their friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


ShareWIK.com is a social networking site. How can I connect and share with others on this site?

When you become a member of ShareWIK.com there are several ways to get involved:

Participate in a forum.

Write your own blog post

Add comments to blogs, columns, videos, and discussions

Upload photos, videos, and music

Join a group

Create an event

Send an email to diana@sharewik.com and tell us your story

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What is the difference between groups and discussions?

A discussion is quite simply a question or comment that any member can post in the "Discussions" area that allows others to also make comments. It can be about any topic or idea.


A group is designed to focus on a particular topic or health issue such as weight loss, aging parents, or cancer. Groups are open to any member of ShareWIK.com and you can take part in as many groups as you wish. Within each group you will find a discussion forum, RSS reader, and comment wall. It's a great way to connect with others going through similar experiences.

What if I want to be a member and remain anonymous?

When you join ShareWIK.com you can choose how you'd like to be identified by putting that information in "settings" for your personal page. Rather than a personal photo, you can use the ShareWIK default logo or you could have an avatar image created.

Can I ask one of your experts or columnists a question anonymously?

Yes. Submit your question here and it will be read only by our staff.

What role do your Strategic Partners play?

Our Strategic Partners are medical organizations we have come to know and trust. They share our vision and mission for giving women information they wish they had known and are providing experts and/or video content or other informational resources.


Our Strategic Partners do not dictate or influence our editorial decisions; we remain 100 percent editorially independent.


What is a “ShareWIK IQ?”

Our panel of women physicians and experts will answer questions relevant to our weekly topic.


Physicians and experts you see on ShareWIK.com are unable to answer questions particular to any individual case – for that, please consult your personal doctor.


What is an “In Other Words?”

These video segments feature experts or people impacted by a health issue, who will share information they think you should know and will go more in-depth than what’s given in our “ShareWIK IQ” segments.


Please do not hesitate to submit your own In Other Words story. We’d love to hear from you.


What is a “My Voice?”

As the title suggests, this is a person’s story. We’ll give you a three to five minute video on the main page.

Please do not hesitate to submit your own My Voice story. We’d love to hear from you.


Who writes the blogs under your weekly topic?

The blogs are written by women – and sometimes men – who are impacted by the “topic of the week.”


All of them are copy edited and checked for medical accuracy by the ShareWIK.com team.


Remember, none of our content takes the place of a physician’s care – always consult your doctor (Terms of Use).


Please do not hesitate to tell us your story. We can’t promise we’ll use it but we are always searching for story ideas and topics to cover.


We have Writers’ Guidelines available and would be more than happy to send them to you in blog format. (Contact Us)


I see advertising on your site and in your videos. Does that influence what you write about or cover?

ShareWIK.com is 100 percent editorially independent. We’re not affiliated with our strategic partners or advertisers.


If there’s paid content on our site, we’ll make sure it is clearly identified as such, and that you know about it!


How do you determine your weekly topics?

There are so many topics that women like us talk about that we wonder if we’ll ever have a chance to cover all the topics we want to discuss.


We also work closely with our experts and physicians to determine our topics. However, we’re always open to suggestions and would love to hear your story or topic suggestions. Suggest a topic now.


We can’t promise that we’ll use it, but if we can we’ll contact you.


How do you find people to feature in your weekly topics?

Many of the stories we tell come to us through our partnership medical institutions and health associations. We also find many through our web site. We are always looking for first-person experiences that fit our mission that will help others with their medical and health concerns or make their lives easier. If you’d like to tell your story and possibly have us feature it on ShareWIK.com, then please submit your story here.


We can’t promise we’ll use it, but if we can we’ll be in touch.


Do I have to be a member to read your content and view your videos?

We invite everyone to read our blogs, weekly columns and watch our videos. We hope you’ll like them enough to share with your friends.


If you’d like to connect with other women and men in our groups, you’ll need to become a member of ShareWIK.com. We do this to protect the privacy of our members.



What are groups?

Groups are a place where you can connect and talk with other members about a particular topic.


You can join as many groups as you like or even suggest we start a new one here.  Groups are open for all ShareWIK.com members to see.



What if we’re interested in becoming a strategic partner, sponsoring or advertising with ShareWIK.com ?


That would be great! Contact us.



Do you pay writers or experts?

No. Our writers and experts contribute because they want to help educate and inform other women. Perhaps some day we’ll pay, but not now.


If you’re interested in writing for us, please contact us. We are more than happy to send you ShareWIK.com Writers’ Guidelines.



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