Dina ZueckenhausWhat's Eating You?
Whether it’s over-eating, drinking or dissociation, numbing techniques to avoid the pain are not a long-term solution. Try getting in touch with your feelings and you’ll lead a saner and happier life.

Class Notes: Special Needs
Concussions have been in the news lately, especially as related to sports injuries. A recent car accident in Jacque’s family has brought the painful and long-lasting effects of this type of head injury to the forefront of her attention -- and it isn’t pretty.
Patient Safety
Even if a hospital if “fully staffed,” there still may not be enough nurses to give proper care. Find out about staffing ratios, the number of temporary nurses and other issues that affect your care.
Jan Jaben-EilonCancer is Not Me and I Am Not My Cancer
The last time Jan had a cystoscopy was the day Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency. Fortunately for Jan, technology has changed a lot in the last 40 years.
Lee LambertWho Cares?
Some might consider caregiving a burden, but for others it is an overwhelming life-changing gift. It allows people to re-structure who they are and their purpose in life.
Dr. JudieStraight Talk about Sex
A study shows that there may not be any link between strokes and sex in middle-aged men. Any link may, in fact, just be coincidental.
The Grass Is Greener Right Here
As someone who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, Diana has been struggling to get her head around her age and the best way to approach the whole aging process.
Carey SippThe TurnAround Mom
With all the concern about the effects of a sports-related concussion, Carey is focusing on emotional concussions: the effects of a dysfunctional family on a child.
Diane Snyder Cowan The Power of Grief
Many boomers and older adults experience the deaths of several friends and relatives in a short period of time. Diane Snyder Cowan write about managing multiple losses.
Elaine Taylor KlausLiving On Purpose
What makes us who we are is not just our ability to think and reason; it’s also the ability to connect emotionally. A head injury can do irreparable damage to the emotional center of the brain, changing the personality forever.
Kristen HolmI Kid You Not
A kids' basketball game ended in a trip to the ER, a diagnosed concussion, a CT scan and a week of no school, sports or "thinking." Kristine shares what concussion was like for her pre-teen.
Margaret AndersonTeacher Feature
It’s hard enough trying to teach middle school students as they are growing physically and physiologically, but now it seems that differences among the students in their development may lead to calling students names, like “gay”. Middle school has become a three-ring circus where boundaries and appropriateness are needed.
Dale KuehnerWorld
Can reparative therapy help people change their sexual preferences? No one knows, but Rev. Kuehne argues that it might, and at the very least, reparative therapy should not be outlawed as some suggest.
Susanne KatzSecond Life
Suzanne’s research shows there is some good and bad things about Valentine’s Day. But she’s choosing to follow the good -- and her heart.