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Jacque DigiesoConcussion is not just in your head
Concussions have been in the news lately, especially as related to sports injuries. A recent car accident in Jacque’s family has brought the painful and long-lasting effects of this type of head injury to the forefront of her attention -- and it isn’t pretty.
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Susanne KatzWhen Dementia Creeps Into Your Life
It was very difficult for Susanne to slowly watch her mother slip away day by day. Eventually, all she wanted was for her mother to smile and have a good day. That was enough.
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Elaine Taylor-KlausSlowly Dying (From the Head Down)
People with Alzheimer’s, die slowly – very slowly – from the head down. While their bodies persist, their identity erodes gradually until they reach a point of no return. For the family who lives with this, the saddest and most difficult reality of all is that their loved ones die long before their death.
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Accidental Sisterhood

Impact ADHD

Concussions: Be Prepared

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Dr. JudieStraight Talk about Sex
A study shows that there may not be any link between strokes and sex in middle-aged men. Any link may, in fact, just be coincidental.
The Grass Is Greener Right Here
As someone who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, Diana has been struggling to get her head around her age and the best way to approach the whole aging process.
Carey SippThe TurnAround Mom
With all the concern about the effects of a sports-related concussion, Carey is focusing on emotional concussions: the effects of a dysfunctional family on a child.
Diane Snyder Cowan The Power of Grief
Many boomers and older adults experience the deaths of several friends and relatives in a short period of time. Diane Snyder Cowan write about managing multiple losses.
Elaine Taylor KlausLiving On Purpose
What makes us who we are is not just our ability to think and reason; it’s also the ability to connect emotionally. A head injury can do irreparable damage to the emotional center of the brain, changing the personality forever.
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To Serve and Protect

Just like becoming a member of the US military is a choice, so is it a choice to care for an elderly loved one.  Once that choice is made, you then have a duty serve and protect those you love, … Continue reading →

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#CelebrateYourFace with Massage Envy and Murad with Special Summer Savings

Spa, Travel and Skincare Experiences are Not a Luxury, but Essential to a Healthy Body and Mind. Visit Spa Travel Gal for more information on things spa gals need to know! Ava Roxanne Stritt With... Please see the rest of the story here... www.spatr [...]

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Patient Experience: Why Doesn’t The Math Work?

Seventy-six percent of health systems in the U.S. spend $100,000 or less annually to improve patient experience (PX).  To put that in terms understood by the readers of People Magazine, the expenditure is less than 1% of what Kim Kardashian … [...]

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What if Congress Revered America’s Veterans?

I started writing this post on Memorial Day and I stopped. I was concerned it would rub some the wrong way.  But it occurred to me that that was the reason to write it. Last Wednesday, the gentleman driving me … Continue reading →

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Bitty Bits of Blather: Happy Independence Day!

Hurrah!! It’s the 4th of July!! 1. I love these people. I just thought you ought to know it. It is always a joy to celebrate the impending nuptials of one of the Friends of the Progeny. I try not to feel old cuz, well, I have known these adults fo [...]

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